Online Memorials


2011 - 2019

You almost made it to your 9th birthday sweet girl.
You are running, I hope as fast as you can up in heaven playing with the friends you have lost. We love you more then you could ever know. I hope you knew that. You were the best pet, friend and salon dog ever. Shadow and you would have been best friends. So make sure you find her up there. You were a super good girl and made hundreds of people laugh.

We let you rest because we did not want to see you suffer. We found out you had bone cancer and your pain would have become to much. I hope you enjoyed your timbits before you joined your friends in the sky.
You're missed so badly and won’t ever be forgotten.

Thank you for being my travel buddy you’ve been more places then I think a lot of dogs ever get to go.

I love you my sweet sweet girl.

PS: Daddy thanks you for that one last tail wag, and I want to thank you for that one last kiss.