Online Memorials

Amber Alert Townsend

2002 - 2018

My heart is broken as I announce the passing of my beloved dog Amber who passed away today Thursday, April 12th one week after her 16th birthday at Pioneer Pet Hospital.
Amber was born at Westwinds Farm Kennels in Wellesley April 5, 2002. At 3 weeks I picked her out of litter of 4 boys and she was the only female. She was off white and had amber coloured ears and a streak down her back. When I brought her home at 6 weeks on May 24, 2002, I did not have a name picked out until one morning the Amber Alert came on the TV. At that moment I named her Amber Alert Townsend…LOL

At 13 weeks Amber was chosen as Pet of the week for the KW Record.
One thing for sure Amber loved to have her picture taken. I would take her to Steckle Woods for a walk and have my camera in hand. She would jump up on a log and sit as if to say “okay I am ready take my picture.”
Fred & I will miss finding Amber greeting us at the door or snuggled on our bed covers every night and forever nudging Fred off the bed. I think Amber felt this was her bed…LOL
Even though she could not see as well, her nose was working until the end. She always walked over to me for her piece of toast at breakfast or stood at Fred’s feet waiting for a piece of egg which she loved.
There was a time when I was at my brothers Teds cottage in Chapeau, Quebec. Ted had his breakfast on the table and got up to go to another room. Unfortunately, Ted left the chair back and Amber jumped up onto the table. When Ted came back and you guessed it his breakfast was gone. We both had a good laugh over that. I have lots of memories of Amber at the cottage.
Amber was an adorable and sweet dog all through the 16 years of her life. When I gave Amber her bath she absolutely loved the blow dryer and would stretch out for the warmth.
I would like to thank Chris at Pioneer Pet Hospital & Dr. Sara for all our discussions lately to help me through this difficult journey.
Amber will be greatly missed by Krista, Tim, Spencer, Carson and of course my Grand puppy Bailey who loved to jump all over her. She will be dearly missed by her babysitter Pat who took care of her all these years while I was employed and away on holidays. But none more so than her mom. Through thick and thin, I loved her with all my heart, and though the pain I feel without her is great, it in no way would compare to having never had her in my life.
She will be greatly cherished and her time spent with us will never be forgotten. Hopefully you and Steeler will be romping around just like before. Amber you will be with me until we meet again. Our house is quiet now but I have your picture in a frame, never to be forgotten. Love your mommy.