Online Memorials

Heather Featherly

2016 - 2019

Heather Featherly was the best chicken, or really the best pet,ever. I have never been greeted by a person/pet with the exuberance Heather showed. She followed me everywhere and even loved my singing. She sat with me when I would have a glass of wine so I didn’t have to drink alone. She was always well behaved when we went for her photos and didn’t mind dressing up. She NEVER fussed when I cut or painted her nails. She always came when I called her. She loved bananas more than anything and had a few bites in the morning before her surgery. She brought me so much joy and love. I hope she knew how special she was and how much I loved her. I would have done anything to save her. RIP Heather Featherly.