Online Memorials

Cleo (Cleopatra)

2005 - 2019

One day in September 2015 you arrived to our home bringing happiness and joy to the entire family.
We now remember you when we took you for a ride to the gas station, Lowes, or Pet Smart for grooming.
I miss you on the morning and sunset walks to the park.
We remember when you stood on the seat of the car enjoying the wind blowing in your lively angel face, your ears flying free like your spirit!
We feel sad when we could no longer take you for a ride!
Cleo our lovely princess Cleo, we remember when you sleep on our pillows sharing in our bed!
WE remember you when I took you to the vet and we were worried about your health. We did think that you are eternal and nothing will never happen anything to you!
The last time we took you to the emergency vet clinic, we never thought that you will not come back home with us.
Vet said Cleo has health issues. We felt devastated. It was hard to take that decision!.
Cleo beloved Cleo you left a huge void in our hearts and lives!
Our souls feel empty without you and full of memories of you!
Cleo forgive us lovely creature!
We are missing you so much!