Online Memorials


2017 - 2019

Today started out being one of the worst days of our lives. Anyone that knows us well knows how much Frank, our Siamese cat, means to us. Tonight he unexpectedly but quickly passed away at around 1am. He was 3 years young and he had already travelled with us for so many productions and patiently (ok maybe not always patiently) waited for us to come home everyday. This was our third winter with him and he always gets so bored because there are no birds to watch through the windows. We recently moved into a much bigger apartment though and he was seeming to enjoy all the extra space, maybe a little too much because he had been trying to get on top of the fridge, which was new and I wish I let him do it now. Losing anything and anyone that you love unconditionally is always tough but thankfully Tanner and I were home and here with him in his final moments which is bittersweet because of so many different reasons but mainly because he really was the sweetest cat who left us too soon. There’s so many amazing things that can be said about Frank but one thing is that he was an indoor cat and we shared this small, sometimes underwhelming, piece of the world with him and there will be so much emptiness without him constantly bringing so much joy and love into our little lives. I hope he’s in a place now with unlimited treats, no boundaries or limitations, and somewhere we can maybe see him again someday.