Online Memorials


2007 - 2019

I never thought going with Missy to the local Carbondale humane society for her to drop off volunteer forms years ago would lead me to today. Even though I saw today coming eventually, it still snuck up on me. While myself, and several friends have joked about my horrible luck the last 1.5 -2 years, I’ve been exceptionally lucky in never having to make the call to put one of my pets or horses to sleep... until today. Today I said good bye to the toughest, sweetest, window licking, coyote chasing, awkward goofball that I’ve been so lucky to have in my life for the last almost 11 years. For every time he’s frustrated me and earned the nick name f*ckin Fred, he’s made me smile and laugh a dozen times more. Whether it’s when he always greeted me at the door with a toy, was beyond exuberant in the mornings insisting I get up quicker by climbing all over (usually my head) and licking me, or just his general antics and true joy for life... the tiniest piece of hay could entertain him for what seemed like hours throwing it around. He always had a way to make me smile, even if sometimes it included shaking my head at him. While the barn cat population will flourish in his absence it will never be the same without him around. It’s been quite the journey since the days of skipping women’s studies class in university while the humane society was open just to go and sit with him to ensure no one else adopted him while I tried to convince them that despite their obnoxious & long adoption process that I should have him, & was a suitable home. I couldn’t have been more excited when they eventually caved, and he became mine. I remember the moment like it was yesterday.

Cancer may have taken you way before your time, but you’ll always be a part of me. RIP my sweetest, handsome Fred ❤️💔

Thank you so much to every one along the way that’s helped in Freddy’s fight against cancer, and been apart of his journey!! Your help whether medically, with supplements, words of encouragement, prayers, support, and even just asking about him has been appreciated more than I can even describe and I’ll forever be grateful for every little bit of it. ❤️❤️

Special thanks to those at the amazing OVC Canine Cancer Centre in Guelph (Dr. Chris Pinard & Vicky Marsili), Dr. Matt Taylor for helping me decide what third chemo drug to go with (that lomustine bought me 15 amazing weeks with him), and of course Dunnville Vet Clinic who was with us from start to finish..along with some weird stuff in between🤦‍♀️ (Dr. John Las, Dr. Kadri Uukkivi, and lastly Dr. Ahmad who unfortunately drew the short straw being the one in the clinic today & to help Freddy pass over.) You have all been amazing, and I am extremely thankful that you were all in Freddy and I’s life. ❤️

You’ll always have a spot on my bed at your favorite window, Fredders ❤️