Online Memorials


2016 - 2018

Gavin was a sweet boy. We adopted him into our family after we went to the local humane society looking for a kitten as an emotional companion for my 4 year old (3 at the time) daughter with CP, no one wanted to play with her because of her leg braces. He meowed through his cage grabbing her attention and she reached for him. It was an instant connection and he was her best friend. 5 months later he was diagnosed with a bad case of Stomatitus. It was a big battle for him. All the time he remained cuddly and loving. We are grateful for what he gave my child, a friend, and for the amazing friendly loving boy he was to everyone, how he always knew if someone needed a good cuddle or cheering up. It breaks my heart he didn't have a longer time with us but he was very loved and will be deeply missed.