Online Memorials


2009 - 2019

You were the most friendly, devoted and loving cat with the sweetest disposition, that we have had over 43 years. You came into our house as a rescue cat and stole our hearts. You were everyone's friend and you greeted anyone and everyone at the door. When service people were here you always had to sit and observe them and, probably in your mind, supervise them. You loved weekend mornings when you could lie on top of Mom as she read in bed and in the evenings you enjoyed stretching out on Dad's knees to watch TV. When Heather came in the door, you would stop whatever you were doing to come and greet her and get your chance to be carried around the house on her shoulder. You were always patient with toddler Robin as she reached out to pat and kiss you and always got a hug and kiss from her over Skype each week as she grew older.
You and your inseparable feline buddy, Mickey, worked together to devise ways to let us know it was time for food and how to open cupboard doors. You were so inquisitive, you could not go by an open cupboard door without investigating inside. Some nights you would bring up your tattered flyer guy as a gift to us at bedtime.
We will always have our numerous memories of you and you will always be in our thoughts - 8.5 years was simply not enough. Rest in peace, little guy, we really do miss you.