Online Memorials


2009 - 2019

There was just something different about her. She just wasnt your average pet.. she really believed she was a human. She was special. And anyone who has met her has been touched in some sort of way by her uniqueness. She was even the reason for some people getting a dog of their own or turned people afraid of dogs into dog lovers... she was an angel... But to me, she was my EVERYTHING. She taught me how to truly love people , she taught me compassion, loyalty, protection. She was there in all my hardships and was the sole creator of my happiest memories. She taught me how to be a kid again and value the action of play or to stop and smell the roses. She literally never failed to lick every tear that rolled down my face or lay her body ontop of me when I would have anxiety attacks. She followed me every where I travelled ( yes including the bathroom). She protected me when I was scared and gave her unconditional love every time I came home. Her and I could communicate without words and had a bond like a mother and child. Shes the reason I'm not " just a woman" she made ME special. Karma fought so many battles and really showed me what it means to fight for the people you love and spend every waking minute with them !!.. to me ... shes not " just a dog " .. shes my everything. Please pray for my baby girl to be free of all pain and be the special dog that she is in heaven .. to leave paw prints on many more hearts.🙏 Thank you karma.