Online Memorials

Mr. Frodo

2003 - 2018

If you are reading this, I have hopefully entered Fólkvangr (the field of the host) in Asgard. I lived almost 120 years, or 15 in human years and what a life it was.
I came to live with my human mom after an eight-week term with my dog mom and six siblings. When my mom picked me up that sunny January day, I knew she knew I was super special.
I had many adventures during my life and even a short career as a journalist writing a monthly article for the Brooklin Town Crier and blog called Mr. Frodo’s Barks. I also visited many cities and towns in Canada, including Vancouver, Edmonton, Ottawa, Montreal, Hamilton, Bellville, Kingston, Tobermory, Sudbury and Prince Edward County. Calgary was a frequent visiting place, so much so, that it was a second home for many years. I also traveled to Europe and lived in Germany for about a year. I even had a German Passport. While in Europe, my mom and I visited cities including Geilenkirchen, Frankfurt, Hamburg, Leipzig, Prague, Sittard, Brussels, and Bruge – to say that I am well traveled is an understatement. When I think of all my travels, the theme song of my life is “I’ve been everywhere”, by the great Johnny Cash.
…I’ve been everywhere, man
I've been everywhere, man
Crossed the deserts bare, man
I've breathed the mountain air, man…
But Toronto is where most of my time was spent. Some of my favourite Toronto time included taking the Streetcar to High-Park and walking to Trinity Bellwoods park near my house where I met lots of other dogs (some nice, some who could do with some lessons in manners) as well as many humans who seemed to think I was rather handsome. Actually, funny story, this one time when my mom and I were in Ottawa for Canada Celebrations, a random gentleman ran up to us and told my mom that I was the “Brad Pitt of Dogs!”...
As much as I liked going to the park and my walks around our Queen West neighbourhood, I actually preferred to be inside. I would gladly join my humans when Pops had a Dragon Boat festival to participate in – I was deemed team mascot for a few years and was awarded my own team jersey and metals. The trip to Sudbury was really fun, and I even took a selfie with the Big Nickle. But being inside the house was best. I had everything I needed there; Basket full of stuffed friends, bones, liver treats and even duck wrapped sweet potato snacks. Inside the house there were lots of great places to nap, my favourite places were the sofa or the bed with one or both of my human parents.
Oh, and did I mention I had two cat brothers! I wanted a cat brother all my life and then finally, 3 years ago we got Khat and more recently a second cat brother, Louie arrived. Khat is a stoic independent type and prefers not to hang out much with me but I know he loved me, and Louie, well, like any little brother, he could be a bit annoying – always sitting so close, making me hot, licking me or putting his huge tail in my face.
Living for almost 15 years means I had a few medical issues. At nine I was diagnosed with Inflammatory Bowel Disease, at age 10 started to have some issues with my feet and back legs. My mom took me to a Neurologist who told me I had a neurological disorder. At age 12 I had my first of 3 strokes (all caused by complications of the neurological issues). And at age 13 I was diagnosed with Lymphoma and treated with Chemotherapy. My Parents always did what they needed for me to get better and because of this I did get better or stayed reasonably healthy. But in the end, it was the Doggie Dementia (Canine Cognitive Dysfunction) that got me. I just wasn’t enjoying things as much anymore and really didn’t like it when my mom was not with me 100% of the time.
It is fighters who are allowed into Valhalla / Fólkvangr and I believe that I was indeed that, a fighter. While I loved everyone and was gentle and kind, I fought hard to stay healthy so I could spend as much time as I could with my human and feline family.
I am survived by my Mom and my Pops, my brothers Genghis Khat and Midnight Louie, my Uncle Todd and my Grandma Mavis, as well as many, many others who were my friends.
My parting thoughts to you all:
Enn skal lytte, når en gammel hund gjø.
One should listen when an old dog barks.