Online Memorials


2009 - 2019

On March 8th 2019 we sadly had to say good bye to Mya (Da Bears) letting her cross the rainbow bridge.
Mya came into our lives on November 30th 2013 at the age of 4. She was so cute with her fluffy long coat and a look that could melt your heart. Mya was a special dog that came a long way from when we had gotten her. When Mya first came into our lives we did have are work cut out for us. She had never eaten dog for in her life. She was never around other dogs ( only cats) and she was really scared of people. Throughout her life she had overcome these obstacles. Started eating dog food, went to the dog park and was playing with dog, had brother ( Bernese mountain dog) named Farly who as her best friend and she would do everything with. They would lay together for hours, play outside and loved their daily walks. She also loved her late brother named Toulouse (Cat ) *RIP. Mya even became open with people she didn't know. She knew she found a safe home with us and our family. Another thing Mya loved was her walk and would walk with purpose for miles. After her walk Mya would enjoy curling up outside on the deck to enjoy a afternoon nap well feeling the breeze and soaking up the sun. She was also quick to cuddle up on the coach with her favourite people or just lay in her favourite dog bed. Over the past 5 years many people have helped us for Mya. We want to express are sincere gratitude and appreciation to the Vets who cared for Mya over the years, our families who loved Mya with all their hearts, Pat Moffat who was like a second grandma to Mya and always there when we needed her. Please know that everyone that cared for Mya meant a great deal to her. We really want to thank you all for everything you done. Mya also meet countless dogs in her lifetime whos she will greatly miss.
Mya lived a happy life with love and adventure. There are so many stories about this amazing dog that we will cherish in our memory always. We will all miss her dearly. Thank you for the time we had. We love you MYA DA BEARS. RIP