Online Memorials


2014 - 2019

I was 17 and doing co-op in a pet store when I first saw Olive, she was four months old. I couldn't clean the cage without her climbing up my arms or trying to lick the vinegar drops from the glass. I was in love. My family knew how much I wanted her in my life and surprised me with the greatest gift. She was there to cheer me up when I was sad, chasing me around the house and looking up at me, wanting to be held. The last week I had with her was hard; I didn't want to have to say goodbye, but seeing her in pain was so much worse. I held her close in her time of need, thanking her for giving me the best four years of my life. I will never forget her, and I only hope she knows how much I will always love her. Rest in peace now, sweet girl.