Online Memorials


2007 - 2019

Oreo was first my sister-in-law's puppy and what a cutie! He was always so happy go lucky and loved his petting and cuddles. When she got sick she was looking for a home for Oreo and I jumped at the chance. We already had a black lab, Hendrix, who was used to being the only pet and an Alpha dog at that lol. When we brought Oreo home, it was an adjustment for the two of them, but their love grew strong for the last 10 years ♥ Hendrix showed Oreo the ropes and was always on guard for him since he was much smaller (20 lbs) than he (100 lbs). They would play together, that was hilarious watching the 2 of them play tug of war with a rope, but Hendrix was always a gentle giant with Oreo. Through his years with us he has brought us many laughs and tears. When he would was his tail so much his whole back end would go from side to side when he would greet us at the door, when he would wander from the yard and peaceful walk the sidewalks on a tour of the neighborhood. His kisses, cuddles and snuggles will all be remembered and missed. If I could have taken away your pain and made you feel better I would have in a heartbeat. This was the hardest, but most loving thing I could do for you Oreo ♥♥
My heartfelt thanks to the staff at Rockwood Veterinary Clinic and Gateway Pet Memorial for their kindness and support during this time ♥♥