Thank you for your services…again.

We've had to use Gateway twice now and we couldn't appreciate your customer service any more. Yes, everything is handled by our vet, but I called to ensure a few things were looked after. The people at Gateway are very special and we thank you for your efforts. Entrusting our beloved to "strangers" to ensure they are brought back to us is difficult, but we know our fur babies are in good hands. Thank you Gateway for making a heartbreaking situation a little easier. On behalf of Lunna Starr and ZuuLuu Zee Onyxx, thank you.

Turner, Nov 2017

Thank you! Thank you!! Thank you!!!

We lost our precious girl, Raven on November 15th. The final decisions were so difficult - picking the urn, The pawprint colour. I didn’t even stop to notice who our vet entrusted with our baby girl after she had passed. To be honest, I didn’t want to know. I was hurting and my heart breaking. November 21 we brought our girl home & for the first time I saw who had handled her cremation. My heart immediately felt better knowing she was in such loving hands after we could no longer be there for her. Raven came back to us in no time, it’s like they knew we were longing to have her home. Thank you Gateway! Raven was treated like a princess until he final seconds and I have no doubt she was treated the same when she was in your care.
Raven aka. Sissy
October 5, 2005 - November 15, 2017

Stacey & shaun murphy, Nov 2017

Thank You

You did a beautiful job. The ashes are in a plastic bag in the solid metal urn. You even tied the bag with a gold ribbon and curled it in the shape of a heart. If I had not opened it to put her collar in I would not have known. We appreciate the care and speed with which you returned Pepper back to us. Thank you.

Knoll/carman, Nov 2017

Thank you

Our cuddly fur baby passed away last week after 17 yrs. Our vet used your services and we picked out an urn and wanted her paw print as well. When we got our furbaby yesterday it was nice to see the urn was wrapped in a heart with our cat's name on it. We weren't expecting that, so it made a nice surprise and helped take some of the sting away from her passing. Thank you for looking after her and treating her as if she were your own

Jones & Stewart-jones, Sep 2017

Forever Thankful

I just picked up my paw print from Cavan Veterinary, it was nice to receive it in a little box with a silver bow. Quite honestly, I cried immediately when I opened the box. The paw print is immaculate and touched my heart. To have lost my best friend and then receive something so beautiful; there are not enough words to say how thankful I am for Gateway's work. It's truly a beautiful memorial piece and I'll treasure it forever. Thank you so very much.

Goodchild, Sep 2017

Every business should care as gateway does

The agony of losing a beloved member of your family, whether pet or human is so very hard. Saying goodbye is never easy BUT knowing there is someone who TRULY cares about your pet after the goodbyes, enables the first step to healing that much easier.

My boy Dabney came home today. The tears of conflict started. Seeing my boy again and the pain knowing he isn't here to hold but also tears of appreciation for how Gateway returned him to me.
Only those of us who have used their services can truly appreciate the amazing and beautiful service they offer. Amazing is an understatement.

Thank you Gateway for taking such good care of my boy and returning him to me in the manner he deserves.

Tinlin, Aug 2017

Thank you

Thank you to Gateway and especially to Jim Irwin for going above and beyond to make sure Dusty was buried with his sister and then to go back again and place a new marker with both their names on it. We miss them both very much but it gives us peace to know they are together in such a beautiful place as Sandy Ridge.

Sandra Henry, Jun 2017

Forever in Debt

I want to thank Gateway for the wonderful care they took of my Maggie. When I called they answered all my questions and reassured me that they would take care of everything. They paid very close attention to every detail. Everything that I ordered was more than I expected. The care this company shows for our animals is amazing. Thank you is not enough for the care you show! But Thank you for taking care of all of Maggie's final details. The special box and stuffing she came home in was a very nice added touch! Again...THANK YOU!

Masse, Jun 2017

greY you are forever in our hearts

It was a very difficult time losing our darling cat "Grey". John and I grief the loss
Of Grey. Our hearts are filled with tears. Our home is filled with wonderful memories of his loyal companionship. He was a member of our family and he was taken away to soon. Gateway was professional in their service. Gateway returned Grey to us in his urn inside a beautiful blue box, lined in navy. The sympathy card enclosed in the box also verify his cremation. Gateway thank you for caring for our Grey and returning him to us forever.

Rondeau, carol and john, May 2017

The Clearing at the End of Buddy’s Path

I was very touched by the attention to detail in the final presentation of my little Buddy. After 16.5 years together, we were separated briefly while Gateway tended to his final needs and then the day came when my vet's office called to inform me he was ready for pick-up.
I hurried over and was presented with a tasteful blue box. Inside, there was a lovely sympathy card that also acts as a Certificate Of Cremation, and the cedar chest containing my little Buddy. I was pleasantly surprised to see his name engraved across the lid, an unexpected and beautiful touch. Inside the chest is a blue satin satchel that contains a labeled plastic bag containing his cremains. Everything is as it should be.
I am very relieved to have him home again and would like to thank everyone at Gateway for taking good care of him in the last leg of his journey.
Best regards,
RA Sant.

Sant, Mar 2017
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